A stark choice

At the start of the campaign it was assumed by just about everyone that the result was a foregone conclusion. Theresa May would win by a landslide and Jeremy Corbyn consigned to the dustbin of history. But things have not quite turned out like that. Corbyn has, by and large, had a good campaign whereas the Conservatives have not. Nevertheless the eve of poll opinion surveys suggest a comfortable win tomorrow.

In fact the true story of this election campaign is that only one leader has been honest with the electorate and that is Theresa May. The Conservative manifesto was said by some to be uninspiring. That is because, on anyone’s case the next two or three years as we exit the EU and re-establish our position as an independent nation are going to be difficult times. As a result the Conservatives have made an honest offer to the electorate. We will get the best deal possible, and we will make a success of it. But we can’t offer lots of freebies. And we need to look at difficult issues, such as dementia care. Amid all the fury which dishonest parties sought to stir up, let’s not forget that at present if you require chronic long term care in your old age you will need to pay for it yourself until virtually all of your savings are gone. The proposed cap of £100,000 is a vast improvement on the current situation. Some tax.

The Labour manifesto offers all sorts of goodies: free university tuition, more money for the NHS and schools, more police (with no idea of how much they will cost, as Diane Abbott demonstrated), reversal of Conservative public expenditure savings and of course the re-nationalisation of the railway system and the energy and water companies. All of this is allegedly costed – but only if you believe that increased taxes inevitably lead to increased tax revenue. They do not, and if allowed power a Labour government led by Corbyn would run out of our money quicker than its predecessors did.

There is another serious reason why the present Labour leadership should be allowed nowhere near the levers of power and that is their long-professed support for terrorist organisations. Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott all defended the IRA when they were murdering civilians and soldiers alike. They support Hamas and Hezbollah whose stated aim is to destroy Israel and kill every Jew on the planet. The Labour party is shot through with anti-Semitism to such an extent that they are likely to take less than 20% of the Jewish vote.

Given my interest in education, the proposals to bring free schools back under LEA control and to charge VAT on private school fees give me yet another reason to oppose Labour. Have they not asked themselves what the cost will be if significant numbers of private school parents decide they can’t afford the fees and send their children to state schools? Rather than being demonised by the hard left it should be noted that they pay twice over for education – once through their taxes and again to the private sector.

Tomorrow I shall be back in Kingston & Surbiton supporting James Berry who deserves to be re-elected and then tomorrow evening I shall be watching out keenly for the results in Grimsby and in Scunthorpe, both of which could fall into the Conservative fold tomorrow. Fingers crossed for the right result.


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