May v Leadsom

I’m absolutely delighted, as the father of 2 daughters, that the next Prime Minister will be a woman, and a Conservative woman as well. It’s all very well teaching your daughters that there are no barriers and that they can achieve whatever they want with hard work and talent, but throughout their short lives they have only ever seen a man in 10 Downing Street. Obviously they have heard their Dad telling them how great Margaret Thatcher was – but to them she is as remote a historical figure as Clement Attlee is to me.

My choice for leader is easy. Whilst I supported Brexit I do not think it is necessary for the new PM to have been on the side of Vote Leave. It is far more important that she is experienced, tough and capable of forming a Government and getting on with the job as soon as David Cameron steps down.

Theresa May has held one of the 3 great offices of State for 6 years. She has accepted the result of the referendum and has promised to deliver Brexit. She is ready for the top job and she will have my vote. She will be a fantastic role model for my two girls as they grow up.


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