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What a month

I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while as my two jobs – the Bar and Elmbridge – have been taking up a lot of time lately. In the last month I have been to Cardiff, Lincoln, Nottingham and Winchester as well as my usual trips to the courts in and around the M25. At Elmbridge we have had a number of meetings dealing with affordable housing – including a very important meeting of the Afordable Housing member panel at which we discussed the possibility of Elmbridge once again owning residential property.

However as a long standing tennis fan it was just fantastic to see Great Britain winning the Davis Cup. When Andy Murray won Wimbledon a couple of years back it fulfilled one of my great sporting ambitions. I was also lucky enough to be in the crowd at Trent Bridge back in August to see the demolition of the Australian batting. Truly I cannot imagine ever watching a better day’s cricket. All I need now is to see England win the football World Cup and Grimsby Town get back into the proper leagues. Not asking too much, am I?


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