Eastleigh result: Unite the Right?

Not a good result. We have offered the electorate an in / out referndum on Europe, which makes a vote for UKIP pointless and only lets in Europhile candidates. And yet we were still outpolled by the UKIP candidate. The two right wing parties took 53% of the vote last night but the Lib Dems won. Their ground operation was brilliant. As James Kirkup puts it in today’s Telelgraph, rather splendidly:

“In the event of a nuclear holocaust, all that will remain of life on earth will be cockroaches, and Lib Dem activists handing out Focus leaflets attacking the cockroaches for not being local.”

Is it now time for a British Unite the Right movement, and a merger between the Conservatives and UKIP? Because if this result is replicated across the UK in 2015 there could be a majority of votes cast for right wing parties but a massive left wing, Europhile majority in Westminster after the next general election.


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