Cobham Free School

The Free Schools policy was the best reason to vote Conservative at the last General Election. A step on from Labour’s successful Academies policy, this allows individuals to set up an independent, state funded school in their local area.

A local group have accomplished the first stage of the procedure to set up a free primary school here in Cobham. I have personally been looking to find a means to improve secondary education provision in the southern part of the Borough, and therefore although I would have preferred to see an application for a secondary school I am delighted with the progress so far of the Free School project.

They are holding a meeting at  Cobham Village Hall on Saturday 25 February from 10 am until 12 noon. This will be an opportunity to hear more of the Trustees’ vision for the new school and to meet representatives from the Trust. I would encourage anyone with an interest in local education provision to go along. I would also be delighted to hear, via this blog, from any parents who would like to see this new primary school eventually to expand into a secondary school.

The likely site for the Free School is the old police station – which is sited in my ward. It would be a fantastic addition to the local scene and will I hope provide a great resource for the parents and children in my ward.


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