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Road works latest

Queues approaching the Sainsbury’s roundabout stretching back to Cooper’s BMW garage in one direction and back over the A3 in the other – at 8.30 in the evening. Long tailback from the junction between Fairmile Lane and the Portsmouth Road this morning. Diverted traffic now clogging up Sandy Lane running up to Copsem Lane. I’d love to see an air quality test from these parts of the town. It can’t be much fun living by a main road these days.

The Farmer’s Market is on this Saturday – for the last time until June 2012 at the earliest. The organisers, unsurprisingly, have decided to relocate –  to Dorking –  as they fear that the roadworks will choke off trade. Will they come back next year? If they find rich pickings in Dorking, why should they? A lot of hard work went in to getting the market off the ground – much of it by David Tipping, who sometimes contributes to this site – and it is all about to go up in smoke.

One bright light on the horizon – the Parochial Church Council – hardly a known hotbed of radical action – have written letters before action to both Scotia Gas Networks and Surrey CC demanding that the proposed closure of Downside Bridge Road be stopped, and replaced by an alternate one-way traffic light controlled system. Well done to them. Perhaps the powers that be will now sit up and take notice. It’s not everyday that the Church gets militant and it says a lot about the way in which these road closures have been handled by the utilities groups and the County Council that the PCC have had to go to such lengths.



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