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Car Parking 2

Last week Surrey CC’s Cabinet confirmed its decision to impose on street metered car parking in many parts of Elmbridge.

At the last minute, and thanks to some tough negotiation from John Butcher and Dorothy Mitchell, the Surrey Cabinet member for highways¬†agreed to extend the 30-minute free period to include Cobham. It cannot have escaped the watching public’s attention that the original plan included Weybridge in the free period scheme but not Cobham. As the towns are very similar in size, allowing one town to benefit from the 30-minute period but not the other was indefensible.

Opposition to the principle of metered car parking continues. In Claygate there is an active campaign against the introduction of meters, and it seems that they are unlikely to give up their opposition. It cannot be right to impose a one size fits all policy across Elmbridge. It flies in the face of the localism agenda. There is a distinct difference between the shopping area in Claygate and that in Cobham. Here, we need metered parking to stop the current gridlock caused by shop workers parking on the High Street for the whole day. In Claygate they feel that their free period scheme works well. The County should recognise this.


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