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March round-up

This is the first post for over a month. I’ve been pretty busy recently. But then so has my internet colleague the Cobham Blogger. If you have a day job, and that job makes some serious demands on your time, then something has to give and, recently, that has been blogging.

Tomorrow I will be attending a meeting of the Cabinet at Elmbridge, and from a Cobham point of view the most interesting item on it is the proposal to commit £50,000 to the Riverhill Project, the plan instigated by the Cobham Conservation & Heritage Trust to improve the River Mole bank in the town. I am delighted to support this proposal which will I hope lead to a somewhat neglected part of the town having a much needed makeover. The Heritage Trust for me is what the Big Society agenda is all about. Local residents of all political persuasions and none getting together to improve their local area.

Next up is the vexed question of parking. On 23rd February I seconded a motion at the full council meeting requesting Surrey CC to allow a 3o minute period of free parking when it introduces parking meters for on-street parking later this year. The Resident Associations and Lib Dems supported an alternative motion opposing the parking meters full stop. I do not believe this would be good for Cobham. We need proper control of parking in the town centre, as I stated in a previous post on this site. I also thought that the Surrey cabinet would ignore any motion that did not offer an alternative solution. I am delighted to note that the Cabinet member at Surrey has moved some way in our direction by promising 30 minutes free parking in villages and small parades. The next job will of course be to ensure that Cobham is held to fit within this definition.

Meanwhile in Claygate the campaign against meters continues. I accept that different solutions may be appropriate for different towns and villages and I am sure the Claygate campaigners are sincere in their belief that no meters is best for them. I wish them good luck.

I was sorry to see that our local butcher, Buckley’s, ceased trading last month. It is surprising that a town of this size cannot provide enough customers for such a shop, even with Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and a monthly farmer’s market to provide competition. I would have thought that as the country emerges from recession, shops such as this would have prospered.

Finally I was pleased to see Ed Miliband lose all credibility as a serious politician last weekend. It was a crass error of judgment to address the anti-cuts rally. Not only does Labour have no policy of its own, but the aspirant Prime Minister’s speech immediately preceded another riot of the type that has become a depressingly common feature of modern left-wing demonstrations. Indeed the sight of a Labour leader addressing a demo took me back to the glory days of Michael Foot and Neil Kinnock addressing militant miners. A good example for the junior Miliband to follow, I think.



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