Cameron’s first 6 months

I could sit down and write a precis of my views on David Cameron’s first 6 months in office, but having read this article by former MP Paul Goodman on Conservative Home:

I came to the view that he had captured the essence of the man pretty well, so here it is, endorsed by yours truly.



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2 responses to “Cameron’s first 6 months

  1. Paul Goodman’s piece is very much a hagiography; the subsequent comments are much more critical of Dave as are the following:-

    With friends like the Torygraph….?

    And then there is the continuing saga over Europe; it was interesting to see that this occasioned Dom’s first rebellion against the Tory whip.

    • jamesbrowne

      It is a positive piece but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a hagiography. And anything coming from Simon Heffer is bound to be diametrically opposed as he has been against Cameron and his project from the start.

      I was interested to note Dom’s first rebellion. As a younger man representing a part of the country that is expensive to live in and with no housing allowance because it is too close to London, Dom more than most new MPs might have been expected to want to stay on the right side of the whips so that he remained in line for a job. That he chose to stick to his principles is much to his credit.

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