Labour have just used their party conference to give a strong platform to their new leader, Ed Miliband. I was not surprised he won as, to my mind, he comes across as slightly more “normal” than his elder brother. Secondly, he tickled the party’s tummy by talking about moving on from New Labour. If he wants to win a  future general election though he will need to tack back to the centre ground. And he will need to apologise for the economic crisis and do something about the tendency within his party to support the nanny state.

I shall be going to Birmingham next week for the Conservative conference. I want to listen to Grant Shapps, the housing minister, and get a steer as to where he plans to take his portfolio. I also want to hear an explanation for why it was decided to bring the Equality Act into force (my instinct would have been to repeal it) and why the Government did not at least prevent the increase in the limit for assured tenancies being retrospective (a boring point for a blog reader, but very interesting for this housing lawyer!) I’ll report back next week.


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  1. You will note that Dom is prominent ‘on the fringe’

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