….is pretty much how I feel today after yesterday’s abysmal performance on the footy field by our over hyped and over paid national team.

I’d be the first to admit that my own opinions on the beautiful game are worth no more than those of the next opinionated bore on his fifth pint of wife-beater. And I never swallowed the belief that we might, just might, win it. Yes, we’ve got a great midfield and a star striker (who appeared to have stayed at home and sent his twin brother on the trip to South Africa) but we were always weak at the back with no recognised keeper and ageing or injury-prone defenders.

The question everyone seems to be asking is what went wrong between the hugely impressive qualifying campaign and the finals? I don’t think it started in South Africa, the weaknesses were there in the loss to the Ukraine and in the friendlies. Some sort of team spirit had gone missing. I’m no sports psychologist but I like to think my years in the law have taught me a little about trust. I do wonder if John Terry’s alleged antics with a former team-mate’s ex-girlfriend have anything to do with the sudden loss of form? He was the captain, let’s not forget. If so, and there are many people better qualified than me to judge, then perhaps he should have played his last game for his country.


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