Who’d have believed it?

Today I sat and watched the joint presser between Nick Clegg and David Cameron in open-mouthed, slack-jawed amazement.

Here were two party leaders who only days ago were accusing each other of all the evils under the sun, who described each other as a danger to the future of the country. And here they were, joshing like old mates who’d met up at a party after many years. It was rather heart-warming. I never thought I’d say it but I am truly pleased at what has happened and I hope that our new Government works out.

I’m pleased that Iain Duncan Smith is going to get the chance to put his ideas about social cohesion into action. There is something appropriate in that Vince Cable, one of the few politicians who saw the financial meltdown coming is going to be sorting out the mess he foresaw, and I am delighted that Michael Gove has landed the job of sorting out our schools.

The only downside is that my old friend Theresa Villiers has missed out on a Cabinet role. She did a fantastic job as shadow Transport spokesman and was unlucky to be one of the shadow cabinet members who have made way for our coalition partners. I hope tomorrow brings her a good job at Minister of State level. I’d also like to see Greg Hands getting a job, preferably in the Treasury or Business departments.


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