Election Day

Here it is at last, after all the arguments, leaflets, promises and denials, the day when we politicians have to take a back seat an hope that our message has got through. Today it’s over the you, the voting public. It’s your country and your choice.

If you are one of the millions who have not yet made up your mind, and you live in Surrey, think about this. We live in a wealthy part of the country. Crime is relatively low, the quality of life is very high. However, in this demi-paradise, there is one major flaw. There are no grammar schools in this county. If you compare the results in our best schools, they simply cannot compete with schools in Kent and Buckinghamshire. Our children start life at a disadvantage. Only the Conservatives have a real solution to the problem.

We will allow any group of parents, or businesses, or exisiting schools, to set up a new school free of local authority control. So here in Elmbridge, where there are not enough places at schools for local children, concerned parents could set up a new school, a school free of the tired educational ideology that has been prevalent in this county from the Sixties onwards. A school that would allow the brightest children, from all backgrounds, to reach their full potential.

Today, we have a chance to make a difference. Tomorrow, we could wake up in a country with a new government, ready to deal with our county’s many challenges. 13 wasted years of spin and excuses could be over – if you go and put your cross next to the name of your Conservative candidate.


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