One week to go

Last night we had the final leaders’ debate. Postal votes are being cast, and there are now 6 days to go for this country to decide how it wishes to be governed for the next 5 years.

On the one hand we have a tired, clapped out, failed and discredited Labour administration led by a Prime Minister who as good as admitted defeat last night when he said that in a few days’ time David Cameron could be in his job.

On the other hand we have two options for change: the Conservatives who seek an outright majority to carry out their programme of change, and the Liberal Democrats who want to hold the balance of power so that they can foist proportional representation on the country. Proportional representation – it sounds so fair and reasonable, doesn’t it? After all, who would vote for disproportional representation? But the truth is that PR would give the Lib Dems a permanent right of blackmail over any other party which had secured more votes than them. It would lead to shabby deals in smoke-filled rooms (well, maybe not smoke filled any more following the ban). Is that what the public wants? I doubt it. The public wants to elect a government that will do as it promised during the election campaign, and it wants the right to chuck them out if they break their promises or their policies turn out to be wrong.

All Conservative candidates, from David Cameron to Dominic Raab to the candidates for Elmbridge Borough Council are promising to be honest with the electorate, to do their best and to accept the verdict of the public if their policies fail. The Labour party have had their chance, and have failed. The Liberals want to be king-makers and the Residents Assocations locally merely peddle lies and misinformation in their campaign literature.

On 6th May, please vote for your Conservative candidates. We will not let you down.


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