Cobham’s toilets (again)

Good news! The men’s public toilet in Cobham has been re-opened and repaired after several weeks of closure following vandalism. The timing is excellent with Carter’s steam fair currently drawing crowds to Leg o’Mutton field.

This is largely down to the hard work of retiring Cobham councillor David Tipping who deserves huge praise for dogged lobbying of the Elmbridge BC cabinet. Sometimes a hard-working councillor is faced with suggestions of disloyalty when he takes a stand against his own side. Anyone who knows and admires David as I do fully supported his stance. There is no disloyalty in plain speaking, and indeed praise is also due to Roy Taylor and Jan Fuller for agreeing to re-open the facility.

Of course, these toilets will not remain open forever. It is an agreed policy of Elmbridge BC to close them once satisfactory alternative facilities are available. Such facilities are not yet available in Cobham. There are not enough local shops signed up to the replacement scheme and the automated toilet opposite Waitrose is simply not attractive to the public. The ideal situation would be for Cobham businesses to buy the facility from EBC, smarten them up and then charge, say, 20p per visit, rather like the public toilets at Waterloo Station.

Of course this may be wishful thinking, but I remain hopeful.


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