Vote Clegg get Brown

All the current opinion polls show that the majority of the public does not want another 5 years of Gordon Brown. It is therefore ironic that the current popularity of the LibDems and Nick Clegg risks doing just that – giving Gordon Brown another 5 years.

Enter the current opinion poll figures into any result predicting engine (see for an example) and you come up with the same result. Brown, with the fewest votes, has the most MPs. Cameron, despite having the most votes, comes 2nd, not far behind and Clegg holds the balance of power. Will he support a Cameron government? In a parallel universe maybe but not in reality. He will support the party leader who “love-bombed” him in the leader’s debate (remember all those “I agree with Nick”s coming from Gordon Brown?) and who has promised a referendum on proportional representation at Westminster. That means a Lib-Lab pact, and those of us who remember the 1970s won’t be breaking out the champagne at the thought of another one of those.

So the message is clear. If you want a change of government you have to vote for the Conservative candidate. That means Dominic Raab here in Esher & Walton, and Anne Milton in Guildford (I was out on the streets canvassing there today). Anything else – Liberals, UKIP, BNP, whatever, is a vote for Gordon Brown.


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