2 hot issues

There are two issues of great concern here in Cobham.

First, there is the new fence being erected around the Leg o’Mutton field. The old fence was made of wood and was coming to the end of its useful life, and the new fence is made of metal. It is being painted black as I write, but when first installed it was a very unattractive gun metal grey and attracted a lot of adverse comment, particularly from members of the Cobham Conservation & Heritage Trust.

The second issue is how to control parking in the town centre. At present there is a free car park at Waitrose which is often so full that a queue forms to gain entry. There is another free car park off the High Street which is also frequently full. Then there are pay and display car parks in Cedar Road and Downside Bridge Road. These are hardly ever full. The two main shopping streets, the High Street and Church Street are completely unregulated and consequently are used for all day parking by those who work in the businesses in the town centre. Oakdene Parade, which runs parallel to the High Street and Anyards Road, allows limited free parking.

Surrey CC are consulting about installing metered parking along the High Street and Church Street. The Chamber of Commerce is concerned that this will deter shoppers who will just drive off to Brooklands or Sainsburys where there is unlimited free parking.

What are your views? I am genuinely interested in knowing what local residents think and will pass on any comments received the relevant authorities.



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2 responses to “2 hot issues

  1. James Pitman

    Would installing meters along the High Street (parking along there is an absolute pain, especially just inside rush hour times) whilst opening one of the pay and display car parks to free usage for a limited period (say two/three hours to enable shopping) be an option?

    • jamesbrowne

      Thanks for your comment. Meters might work on the High Street but I think that a free period of let’s say 30 minutes would be needed to allow for short stay shopping. In the pay and display car parks I suspect that allowing a free period of 2-3 hours would probably not work from an economic point of view, although a shorter period again might be acceptable. The Council is currently marketing a discounted season ticket which is aimed at getting all day parking off the High Street and into the pay and display car parks.

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