All political parties need to raise money in order to put their message forward to the public. The media tends to pick up on the big players – the unions, big business, showbiz personalities – but for local parties the money has to be raised locally. The local Conservative party here in Esher & Walton does not receive any money from Conservative HQ – in fact they expect us to send a set sum, known as a “quota” to them.

So tonight I am off to be the quizmaster in our own “Super Supper” – what we hope will be a pleasant evening with a meal, a quiz and a raffle. A raffle is the sine qua non of a Conservative function and tonight we are lucky to have some attractive prizes to give out to the lucky winners. These events require a great deal of planning and a lot of time from the volunteers who will set up the room, cook and serve the food and clear up afterwards. Without them, local politics would grind to a halt and in my view their public service is just as important as that given by elected politicians. Indeed in many ways the volunteer’s work is greater, becasue they seek no public recognition to what they do. 

Tomorrow I am going on holiday for a week with my family and so there will probably be no posts for a few days. Let’s hope the sun shines!


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