Spare any paraffin, guv?

My favourite TV programme of the last few years has been Life on Mars, and its successor Ashes to Ashes. In Life on Mars we were whisked back to the 1970s together with a modern-day copper who, in the present day, is lying in a coma in hospital.

Back we went to the world of my childhood, where the music was great but the clothes were dire – browns, oranges, tank tops, army surplus sweaters, kipper ties and flares. A world in which concrete buildings were still seen as the way forward, where the phones didn’t work, everyone was on strike, women were birds, there was a brand of canned beer called “Long Life”  and just about everyone smoked. And there were power cuts. They were the best – at least they were if like me you were 6. Off went the lights, out came the candles and paraffin lamps and my Dad would begin his nightly rant about the “bloody chancellor” (Healey, usually) and the incompetent Labour government.

Well folks, looks like we could be heading back there thanks to the present incompetent Labour government. It seems that energy production figures are such that, come 2017, there will be a shortage of energy equivalent to that needed to power Nottingham for 1 whole day. The Government have apparently conceded that some form of power cut will happen. More proof, if any more were needed, that this shower are not fit to run a whelk stall. Roll on May 2010 and the chance to throw them out.

I gave our old paraffin lamps to my mother-in-law when we cleared out my Mum’s house. Perhaps I should ask for them back!


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