Strip mall Cobham?

The Sainsburys store in Cobham is closed for a re-fit following recent enlargement. Local residents are unhappy about two aspects of the new-look supermarket: loss of protection from light and noise, and the proposed erection of 4 feet high lettering on the roof of the new building.

The previous layout offered protection to nearby residents in the form of a strip of evergreen trees. These had to be removed as the enlargement was in progress and Sainsburys want to replace them with deciduous trees. Neighbours are concerned that this means there will be no protection from light and noise pollution during the winter months.

The four foot high lettering is objected to on the grounds that it is unsightly and makes Cobham, a small town which grew up from a village, have the look of an American style strip mall.

On 27th July these issues will be decided by the local planning committee at the Civic Centre in Esher at 7.45pm. If you want to see what happens, it is a public meeting and anyone can go along.

What I find personally disappointing is that Sainsburys have decided not to wait for the councillors’ decision and have put the lettering up already, effectively defying the elected representatives to order them to take it down. This is hardly in the spirit of community engagement. If you object to this, the telephone number of the local planning department is 01372 474811


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