Sports Day

Today was Sports Day at my elder daughter’s school. She has been looking forward to it and all her friends are taking part. Mummies and Daddies are very welcome to come and support thir little ones.

This is a tough one for working parents. One of you needs to be there or your child will feel unloved, especially as most of her friends will have their Mums or Dads there. We decided I would take the  day off  – and it is a whole day, as they’ve organised it for the morning not the afternoon. My wife has to take two afternoons off this week as our childminder does not “do” Tuesdays and we have always picked our elder girl up ourselves on Fridays.

Helping working parents juggle their responsibilities is a major challenge for Governments. Most of the mums at my daughter’s school don’t work but for those that do, special events such as this are a nightmare as the whole week’s plan goes out of the window. Luckily I’m self-employed. I can more or less control my work diary. Some employers can offer their staff flexi-time but many simply cannot afford to do so. Striking a balance between the needs of industry and the needs of working parents and their children will be on David Cameron’s in-tray when he walks into No. 10 next spring (I hope…).


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