Cobham Farmers’ Market

I took the girls along to the Farmers’ Market this morning. They love it – to little girls it’s the Flowertot Market from Fifi & the Flowertots, their favourite programme. It has been expanding over recent months as more and more farmers across the South East cut out the supermarkets and take their goods directly to the customer.

The quality is superb – bacon and sausages, fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, pickles, cakes and speciality cheeses. And then there’s Ishmael, who is one of the world’s great salesmen and happens to make some of the best fresh curry sauces that money can buy. They are his mother’s recipes, hence the “Ishmael’s Mother” brand. He deserves to make a mint.

None of this would happen though without the volunteers of the Cobham Conservation and Heritage Trust led by Cllr David Tipping, a man for whom the word “public servant” was invented. David is there at the crack of dawn directing traffic and ensuring the stallholders get their pitches. And then he stays all morning ensuring everything goes well. He doesn’t do it for political advancement, he does it because he wants to put something back into the town where he has lived for many years. We in the Conservatives are lucky to have him.


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