Not another blog?

Two weeks ago I was in the Excel Centre’s badminton courts at 2 in the morning. Just about anyone in their right mind would have been in bed at that time but then I’m involved in politics and this was election night. As the results came in I wondered why it was that so few voters had actually bothered to go and cast their vote.

Most of my friends aren’t interested in politics. Most simply can’t understand why I want to bother people in the privacy of their own homes and ask them to vote. The majority of people in the town I represent don’t know who their local councillor is and don’t know that they have 2 local councils – Surrey County Council and Elmbridge Borough Council.

So I thought I’d try blogging. I’ve followed two blogs quite closely over the past couple of years – Conservative Home in the blue corner and Harry’s Place in the red. They are very good and  I can’t hope to emulate them. So I’m going to concentrate on Surrey, the “London fringe” and Elmbridge Borough Council. Let’s see how it goes.


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